Here are key links to federal food defense web sites.

» USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

The Office of Data Integration and Food Protection (ODIFP) coordinates the data analyses and integration activities of the Agency. The Office also coordinates the development and maintenance of analytics across the Agency—integrating and analyzing multiple data streams to determine trends and ...

Contact Information:

ODIFP Main number:   (202) 690-6486

» USDA ODIFP's Food Defense & Emergency Response

This ODIFP Food Defense & Emergency Response page contains information specific to food defense. The food defense priorities include preparedness, collaboration, and outreach and education.

» FDA Public Health Focus, Fukashima Response

This is the FDA's main counterterrorism information page. It contains links to general information, public health initiatives, food security, biological agents, and regulatory actions.

» FDA Contact Information

To report a non-emergency problem with an FDA-regulated product, see the Consumer Complaint Coordinators listing page.

To report an Emergency with a food, drug, or medical device, call the agency's main emergency number, staffed 24 hours a day:  301-443-1240

» Department of Homeland Security's Centers for Excellence

»Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI)

FPDI addresses the vulnerability of the nation's food system to attack through intentional contamination with biological or chemical agents. Research and education are aimed at reducing the potential for contamination at any point along the food supply chain and mitigating potentially catastrophic public health and economic effects of such attacks.
Lead Institution: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

»National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense (FAZD)

FAZD addresses the range of threats presented by deliberately (or accidentally) introduced foreign animal and zoonotic diseases. The three main research themes are: Biological Systems; Informatics, Modeling, and Analysis; and Education and Outreach. Lead Institution: Texas A&M University